User's Manual

  • Presentations of the live demonstrations of the functionalities of the OPT alpha version. These videos are split into 3 parts and we demonstrate how to:

    • 1. Run a simulation

    • 2. Obtain summary results at scenario level

    • 3. Obtain aggregates at scenario and link level

    • 4. Obtain aggregates at a route

    • 5. Define origin and destination of a route

    • 6. Create a second freeway connected with the first freeway

    • 7. Navigate to links from the map

    • 8. How to add ramp metering on an on-ramp

    • 9. Observe the contour plot which is made for a specific route

    • 10. Export results as an Excel file

    • 11. How to create a simple network

    • 12. Define multiple vehicle types

    • 13. Add Managed Lane

    • 14. Specify Lane Management policy for the Managed Lane

The configurations and spreadsheets for Part 1 and 2 can be downloaded here and for Part 3 can be downloaded here

Model demonstration and functionalities for OPT Alpha Release

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Basic OPT functionalities and tools

Comprehensive tutorial for simple model creation

Basic instructions

Configuration files of the basic instructions can be downloaded here