Operations Planning Toolbox

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If you use Mac, download this .zip archive and to run, after unzipping Control-click on runOPT.command in Finder, then choose "Open" in the menu.


The Operations Planning Toolbox (OPT) is a project to develop a user-friendly, well-documented, open-source, multi-modal transportation modeling software for quick quantitative assessment of operational scenarios in terms of mobility and safety, provided as a desktop application, supported by UC Berkeley PATH. This new software, a mesoscopic simulator, will support the fast execution of the analysis of freeway and corridor operations as well as highways and multi-lane road analysis.

OPT is being developed by UC Berkeley PATH in cooperation with Caltrans, who sponsors the project, and System Metrics Group.

  • OPT will replace FREQ12.

  • OPT will have a clean, accessible, and self-explanatory user interface.

  • OPT will provide an easy and efficient way of building and modifying road networks.

  • OPT will provide a capability for easy and efficient tuning of simulation parameters (e.g. freeway capacities) according to established criteria.

  • OPT will display simulation results as contour or timeseries plots that can be exported to Excel spreadsheets.

OPT will NOT provide:

  • 3D animations;

  • analysis and control of individual vehicle behavior.

  • other specifically microscopic simulation features.


UC Berkeley PATH

Alex Kurzhanskiy, Gabriel Gomes and Servet Lapardhaja lead the OPT development.


Diane Jacobs (HQ/D7 Multimodal System Planning) is the Project Manager and the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Other TAC members are:

  • Maria Aranguiz, D8 Traffic Forecasting

  • Troy Arseneau, D2 Traffic Safety

  • Maurice Eaton, D11 Planning

  • Farid Nowshiravan, D7 Traffic Operations

  • Ray Ovaici, D4 Traffic Operations

  • Raj Porandla, D4 Multimodal Transportation Modeling

  • Andrew Teng, D7 Planning

  • Sam Toh, D5 Traffic Operations

System Metrics Group

Tarek Hatata leads the consultants' team.